SAUC CBD E-liquid is a typical VG/PG based vape juice with CBD & a Broad Spectrum Terpene profile.

Here’s the breakdown :

Base : Vegetable Glycerin (non gmo palm derived) & Bio based Propylene Glycol

Main Ingredient : CBD (cannabidiol)

Flavor : Terpenes

Our products are not actually considered an oil. Even though some use the term ‘vape oil’, we like to use e-liquid, e-juice or vape juice instead. SAUC vape products are not intended for any other use aside from vaporizing.

CBD Oil is commonly used to describe a large variety of CBD based cannabis derivatives. Generally speaking, cbd oil is an extract / concentrate derived from the cannabis plant (including hemp) that contains a majority CBD over other cannabinoids. Cannabinoid ratios are dependent on the genetics of the plant it was derived from. This oil may or may not be 'full spectrum' depending on the extraction methods used. If it is full spectrum, then it is likely to contain some amount of THC as well, among other cannabinoids. We extract the CBD from this full spectrum oil, leaving us with what is known as an 'Isolate'. This pure form of CBD emulsifies perfectly to make a juice of premium consistency. It also ensures our products have no THC in them.

CBD oil can be derived from the cannabis plant using a variety of methods. The most common method is referred to as a 'Supercriticial Co2' extraction. This CBD oil is often times mixed with MCT (medium chain triglycerides) to create a better consistency and to increase effectiveness as well. CBD can be taken sublingually, topically and even vaporized depending on the quality and ingredients of the product.

Always refer to the producers lab reports for the exact chemical makeup of the CBD oil / product so you know exactly what you’re consuming.