SAUC Device : The Ultimate guide

SAUC Device : The Ultimate guide

Our team of engineers and industrial designers have worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life.. a consistent and high quality experience; a satisfying way to consume via inhalation. Fill it yourself at home, or buy it pre-filled. One device, all you need.

Starting on the exterior, we went with a smooth matte type aluminum finish and a specially designed ribbed backside that lays on top of the fingers nicely (also fun to play with). On the front side, we made a small slit to see : when the pod is successfully connected, briefly when you first pull to let you know it's working, and for battery life reference. We also left a small window over the airflow pathway so you can see the vapor traveling up into your mouth.

Our pod design is the most exciting part of the entire system. Completely lead-free throughout the manufacturing process. More expensive for us to make, healthier to use. Since this is the only part of the device that comes in contact with your material, it's the only piece that actually needs to be heavy metal free.

The design itself is the first of it's kind to use bottom-fill technology. Instead of filling from the top or side, our pods are filled from the bottom so the mouthpiece or the pod body is never messed with. This ensures zero leakage or clogging whatsoever. A tube 'casing' runs through the middle. This 'tube' is where the atomizer (heating element) slides into and it becomes the vapor pathway. We specially designed it this way so that the material put inside the pod never actually comes into contact with the metal vapor pathway or heating element at all. Other similar pods on the market have the metal vapor pathway right down the middle, and in direct contact with what's inside. This is part of the reason why so many consumers are at risk when using cheap vapes.

So to reiterate, we have taken immense strides to eliminate any risk of material coming into contact with heavy metals like lead, the biggest issue we see right now with cartridges and pods coming from china.

Our pods are 1ml max capacity with fill lines for reference. Fill lines are marked at .5ml and 1.0ml which is great for people filling themselves. The bottom piece is specially designed to suction into place perfectly after filling.  Once you slide the bottom piece in you are ready to go. Just slide that SAUC in and enjoy.

All SAUC pods are designed to be fillable, no re-fillable. These are truly leak proof and tamper proof. Once you fill and close the pod, it cannot be opened without destroying the pod. This ensures nobody can mess with our pre-filled pods once they are filled, packaged, and sealed for sale.

We will be uploading a complete how-to guide video for our device on this page shortly. We will show you how to use it and how to fill yourself at home.

Happy vaping!

- SAUC Team