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SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC
SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC SAUC Device (Starter Kit) - SAUC
  • The first of its kind vapor delivery system. An anti-heavy metal, leak, clog, and child proof device and pod system that produces smooth and consistent vapor with each draw. Sleek incognito design and automatic temperature control for effortless consistent dosing.

    Our team of engineers and industrial designers have worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life.. a simple, straight forward and high quality experience; a satisfying way to consume via inhalation. Fill it yourself at home, or choose from one of our pre-filled pods. One device, all you need.


    Included in kit:

    1x Device

    1x Charger (USB-C)

    *Pods sold separately*

  • Specifications

    • USB-C Charging
    • Automatic temp control
    • 240mah battery life (enough to last through one entire filled pod)
    • Full gram (1ml) capacity with fill lines for reference
    • Silicone cover for charging port
    • Magnetic pod connection
    • Ceramic heating element
    • Leak/clog proof pod system
    • Child proof pod design
    • No spit back

One device, all you need.

Our talented team of engineers and industrial designers have created an oil vaporizer made for every cannabinoid; from CBD to THC, to everything in-between. Fill it yourself at home or choose from one of our pre-filled pod options.

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Heavy metals?

Vaporizer devices on the market today are manufactured in China using heavy metals like Lead. These heavy metals can leach into whatever material is inside the pod/cart causing major health problems when vaporized and inhaled. Our delivery system is designed to ensure your material remains free of heavy metals. It's more expensive to manufacture, but healthier for you. We will never compromise quality for margins.

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Our device get's directly to the point without any unnecessary bells and whistles. Each device is temperature controlled and automatically regulated. Just slide that sauc in and enjoy. Our pre-filled pods always contain a high quality, heavily tested extract so you can get exactly what you need anytime, anywhere, without worrying.

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The Cartridge killer™

Ditch that 510 thread cart, you deserve it.

what our customers say

This is such an excellent product in a fantastic device! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for the reliable relief from CBD.

– Vickie L (01/03/20)

Love the products and the service is amazing. Always keeping me updated with my shipments and offering discounts! My go to shop!

– Sam S. (12/27/20)

Feels great being able to consume my oil without worrying about heavy metal contamination.

– Michael B. (01/01/20)

Wow! My pods never leak or clog which is great. Hits perfect and simple to use when i'm not home.

– Maria V. (01/11/20

how does it work?

learn about how we designed our lead-free pod system and how to use it

why sauc?

Clean + Simple

None of our products contain more than four ingredients. Starting with a pure hemp extract, each product we make is carefully designed to fit both the novice and veteran. No THC, Full Spectrum, Flavorless, Flavorful -- we got you covered whether you own a vaporizer device or not.

Hand Curated Hemp

Our hemp is grown with care on the finest soil in North America. Years of testing and genetic phenotype isolation have given us plants that produce superior terpene profiles and high levels of Cannabidiol (the good stuff). 

Never short the Terpenes

Terpenes are these really amazing compounds that make plants and fruits taste and smell the way they do. Herbs like lavender and rosemary, fruit such as mangoes, and of course cannabis all contain terpenes. We're pretty obsessed with terpenes, and it shows in our flavor profiles.

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