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What our customers are saying!


Was recommended this by a buddy and I definitely do not regret buying. No longer using any other CBD e-juice brand! Keep it up.

by Jeff K. on Feb 25, 2018

Highly recommend!

I've tried multiple CBD e-juices, and they usually taste horrible or give me headaches. This GSC juice tastes so earthy, rich, and plant-like. Also, the effects are real, no joke.

by Ian Lindsey on Apr 06, 2018

Amazing taste!

This really is the best tasting cbd vape juice out there. And I've tried a lot. The terpene profile is on point. Will be ordering again!!

by Mary W. on Mar 27, 2018

Highly recommend this product. I purchased both a Sour Diesel & GDP (300mg) and am definitely impressed...Best part is the E-juice is clear, so it doesn't gunk up my vape pods as quickly as other E-juices. The hits are smooth, with decent sized clouds.

by Julian B. on May 02, 2018

Well I must say I'm honestly blown away by not just the flavor and quality of this ejuice, but by the customer service of this company as well. So on point Keep up the awesome work you have yourself a lifetime customer!

by Debra J.

I've tried the full spectrum slabs from Phytodabs and while they taste amazing, I personally didn't get much relief from their product. I've also tried the Honey Crumble Dabber's Wax from Johnny Apple CBD with little to no effect. I took 4 decent hits from my Smok Alien 220w with the coil and tank it comes with at 40w and I'm finally getting some relief. I'm buying more of this stuff because it works. Also, the flavor on this stuff is amazing. I could not have asked for anything better!

by Clark

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Like so many..

terpenes and CBD, or Cannabidiol, are a topic of discussion on a daily basis. 'Terps' are prevelant in many different concentrates/extracts -- most, if not all containing THC of course. We craved for something that had all the aroma, flavor, and tailored effect as a specific strains typical profile; minus the THC. Our search for a good product came up short, and so our founding team of New York natives came together to create something like no other. Long days and even longer nights resulted in something magnificent; something to vape daily with pure CBD and Terpenes. What was, and still is available on the market is unfortunately often times internationally grown, manufactured in China, poorly tested, and over-priced. We need vapor products that contain not only the highest quality USA-grown organic CBD, but terpenes as well; an essential part to the cannabis plants true benefits and experience. All of us here at SAUC are extremely excited to bring unique and high quality cannabinoid and terpene based vapor products to all who shall ever want or need!